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ACF: Simple Table

I’ve released a new GitHub repo. It’s an add-on for popular ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) for WordPress which allows you to create really custom post/taxonomy pages and more.

I ran into an issue with a client a few months back where the client needed to enter table data but keep the styling on the front-end unchanged. Now, like most clients, getting them to edit the HTML is out of the question so I had to come up with a solution to allow him to enter his data for the post.

So I wrote this add-on for ACF. It allows you to set the number of rows, columns, and even titles for the client to see. All they need to do is enter their data and off you go! You can easily with a few lines of code extract it into a usable form (its pretty much just an array representing a table).

To see some screenshots and sample usage of this add-on please click here and you’re free to use this in any commercial or personal project!