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Counting unique options in Shopify

Ever wanted to quickly display how many of an option a product contains?

Available in 4 sizes
Available in Red, Blue, Green
Available in 10 colors

Here’s an example of how to do just that (for color). Simply open your product’s loop liquid and add this block at the top:

# snippets/product_loop.liquid

{% assign color_index = nil %}
{% assign color_label = 'Color' %}
{% if product.options[0] == color_label %}
  {% capture color_index %}option1{% endcapture %}
{% elsif product.options[1] == color_label %}
  {% capture color_index %}option2{% endcapture %}
{% elsif product.options[2] == color_label %}
  {% capture color_index %}option3{% endcapture %}
{% endif %}

{% assign colors = product.variants | map: color_index | uniq %}

This product is available in {{ colors.size }} {{ colors.size | pluralize: 'color', 'colors' }}

Now you should get a result (given you have a color option for your variants), showing you how many unique colors there are for the product. Here’s what happened:

  1. First, we determined which index the Color option was. Because Shopify only allows for three options, this makes it a quick check.
  2. We grab the variants with product.variants and use map to return the results for only option1, option2, or option3 depending on the color_index value.
  3. We then run the results through uniq to filter out duplicates.

You can now apply the same logic to any options you want. Change the color_label variable to Size and you can get the same results but for sizes.

Allowing the customer to quickly scan what they’re looking for and selecting the product appropriate to their needs… this little bit of Liquid can easily help with conversion rates.