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Laravel Shopify featured on Shopify Dev Blog

A couple of weeks ago, Liam Griffin at Shopify reached out to me about the Laravel Shopify package, interested in featuring it on Shopify’s development blog with other community-built tools.

You can view the article here at Shopify’s blog, Laravel Shopify is the second mentioned package.

This is a Laravel package that integrates with Shopify’s REST and GraphQL APIs, and assists developers working with PHP in their apps. Laravel is an increasingly popular framework for PHP, and this package is compatible with version 7 and above of Laravel.

“[…] we’ve used the package for a wide variety of clients to meet their custom requirements,” says Tyler King. “We’ve used it to create apps that manage flash ticket sales, loyalty rewards programs, and more. The package has allowed us to get from concept to minimal implementation within a day, in some cases.”

King also adopted Polaris and GraphQL into the package when Shopify released these features, so both developers and users can feel at home with a consistent interface throughout the Shopify Admin experience.

In 2017, King open-sourced the package on Github without any expectations of adoption.

“I simply put it out there in hopes someone would find it as useful as I did. I guess the timing was right for opening it up to the world because it quickly gained traction, growth, and contributors, evolving into what it is today.”

Thank you Liam for the opportunity to share the package with your readers!