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PHPMailer Contrib

I and a fellow developer were working on updating a two/three-year-old plugin we developed for WordPress this week. Its a fairly complex plugin which is one of its functions relies on getting the recipients of e-mails sent out by WordPress.

During our upgrading of the code, we discovered PHPMailer (the component WordPress uses for mailing wp_mail, has been changed since we last wrote the plugin. The class properties “to”, “bcc”, “cc”, “ReplyTo”, and “all_recipients” of PHPMailer went from public to protected over the last couple years.

So our issue was $mailer->to simply wouldn’t work anymore, and there appeared to be no public access methods to get the addresses such as $mailer->getToAddresses().

I addressed the issue on PHPMailer’s Github page, and provided a pull request which has been merged into the master :) So in short, you can now access “to”, “bcc”, “cc”, “ReplyTo”, and “all_recipients” by using getToAddresses(), getBccAddresses(), getCcAddresses(), getReplyToAddresses() and getAllRecipientAddresses().